10 November 2023

I started later than I wanted to today, and things dragged on for a bit, and I didn’t exactly have many brilliant runs (although one twofer I had was the equivalent of $20 or so in an hour, which is pretty good), but at the end of it I had $113 or so. So I was able to get a decent amount of grub and set aside $20 for gas tomorrow because holy fucking shit I hate going below half a tank and most particularly getting too close to a quarter tank. Among the many things going wrong with my car, my gas gauge sometimes acts up and so I don’t like taking chances. I never did in the first place, and that was with an accurate gauge.

But, that leaves me with about $70 set aside. If I have another day tomorrow like I had today, that new (to me) phone is in the bag. I have to get a case too, but as long as I can get it around $90 or less before I throw in the case I’ll be pretty happy. It’s an older Google Pixel. That’s one of the phone types that supports my delivery app. I will double-check, as I think I said already, once it gets here. But I’m pretty sure it’ll be okay.

I’m still thinking things over for immediate-future plans… probably thinking too much. One card that’s very much still on the table is just up and relocating to Delaware (the Ohio town, not the state, and the place where I lived in the homeless shelter). I don’t want to leave here, but let’s say I got a job at a certain distribution center up there. I wouldn’t like my commute being nearly half an hour in one direction every fucking workday. So, like, depending on what happens around here, if I had to go for that, I’d want to move closer. I know some rents are affordable up there. It’s not impossible. And at that point I’d be month-to-month with Elizabeth anyway. I think she’d be a bit informal about me making plans. If the supposed hiring bonus panned out, I could make it right with her whichever way anyhow, if I had to. If if if.

But that’d be for a year, two or three at the most. I don’t want to stay up there. Columbus or maybe Dublin is where I belong, at least for now. Could be permanent. Don’t know. If I were about fifteen years younger I would make a move toward being in an entirely different country but I don’t think they’d want me this old even if I had the requisite job skills. It’s also possible I’d end up wanting to go somewhere else in the USA. Not that possible though. I like this place well enough. If I can get my shit sorted in the next year or so, I might be able to afford to come back down here.

We’ll see what’s possible here first. I absolutely have to have something by the end of the year because January’s going to be dead. I’ll be very surprised if I’m wrong.