14 November 2023

Okay. Progress.

1. The Columbus State check cleared. Chime said it would, but I wound up spending like four or five days on tenterhooks just absolutely positive it was not going to deposit. I have rarely been so happy to be wrong.

I had also hoped, had I gotten the money timely instead of five fucking months later, end result I actually deposited it nearly a year after taking the fucking class (it was a one-off stipend), to have set it aside as an apartment deposit since some apartment communities charge $250 for that. But instead I’m using it to shore myself up one more month. Because of course I fucking am.

But! It’s here. I have it. If Columbus State suddenly wants it back, they can go begging. Maybe one of the they/thems on staff can start a GoFundMe.

2. Phone came in today too. And the case. The battery life may not hold quite as well as it did for the Samsung, but we all know what ultimately happened with the Samsung battery, and I’m an habitual charger anyway. (Nope, sorry. Being an habitual charger no longer damages batteries in the way it once did. Letting the battery fully drain, as my father once advised me, actually shortens battery life now. Look it up.) Also I’m not fond of some of the differences in keyboard functionality: I have to take too many additional steps for punctuation and symbols. That said. HOLY SHIT WHAT A NICE CAMERA. Still really point-and-shoot quality, but good for all that. If it holds up, I will be one happy camper.

Phone works on my carrier, works with Uber Driver. I’m good. For now.

Oh and it has a headphone jack (YAY) and a micro SD slot (YAY YAY) so I can make more space for photos and music (YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY).

A postscript: I didn’t have the money saved up for it. I lucked onto an Amazon refurb listing that is subject to their Amazon Payments plan. No interest. There might have been a small fee in the first payment, but that was it. So I have to make payments on it for the next few months but they will not be large. Should I hit a windfall, I will just pay the whole fucker off.

Mom wrote. I am not sure what’s going on with mail. I think Elizabeth had it just sort of stashed in random places. She also claims the mailbox key works but that she’ll have her maintenance guy do a WD-40 treatment. No, that’s not it but you go ahead. I got my renewal form for the car registration and 100% I can just go in and do it in person. I thought so, but it’s nice to confirm. And here soon I will be getting some sort of mailbox. I’m tired of this. Anyway. The reason I went off on that segue was Mom’s letter was dated from last month. We’re almost to the middle of this one. Postmark was from a month ago. I’m not going to say anything because it was my dumb ass not following up once a week to see if there was mail AND last month was when Pat died. It’s fine. Sort of. But I don’t want any more weirdness like this. Plus, I don’t know where I’ll be after January and I would like a reliable place to get mail. So there.

But! Mom says she will be sending Chaise’s guitar. We’ll see. She’s just moved to a new place, and moving’s expensive. If I get the mailbox before next month I’ll text her and let her know the address so there’s no chance of weirdness happening. I can just go pick it up. No biggie.

I can’t make any definitive promises yet but I’m circling the whole concept of going keto again. If I do it there are a couple possible approaches I can take that might not cost an arm and a leg. Either make it shake-based, or follow a very, very simple meat-and-veg routine. The fact that I’m having to talk myself into this even knowing that it will help me should tell you the depth and suckitude of food addiction I am mired in. I’m tired of looking like shit, and at this point I’m reminding myself too much of Dad, and I don’t even have the fun of a good buzz to make it worth my while. I would like to see what my body’s supposed to look like again before I die. Sounds stupid and vain and shallow but there it is.

I also think about the whole attracting-a-man thing, despite all my ranting about not wanting that fucking drama anymore. I am not sure where to go with that. To wit, do I get my physical affairs in order and look better and then go for a guy who likes me that way or do I look for a guy who likes me looking like a human Blob and who wouldn’t mind if I improved myself. There are pros and cons to either approach. I’ll be straight up, though: the fact that no men express interest in me, ever, anymore tells me that it’s just as well I’m not actively looking because when you get right down to it, there’s nothing to look for. It was a scam all along.

Oh well. Their loss. Well, sort of. I’ve always been a weirdo, though the manner in which I weird has evolved over the years (devolved?), and being close to a weirdo is difficult at the best of times.

I can still admire my favorite from afar. Y’all, somebody clone this man. Please?

Rory McCann, looking rrrrrawr