a little help

I am in the middle of a mid-life crisis, just having turned fifty in January. I have been struggling and struggling to start over but I keep running into issues with finding a job, keeping a job (sometimes it’s my fault, sometimes not), and keeping a roof over my head. Twice now I’ve had to turn to my father for help, but his idea of “help” is to maintain a storied ignorance about my actual situation and to emotionally abuse me based on “shoulds” which are not relevant to my situation. I’ve had it, and a new option has arisen that looks very likely, so I’m going to pursue it. I won’t be charged rent there either and I will be there to help out, but I should have a lot more room to breathe and regroup.

I will still need some income, or money in savings, to keep a couple bills going until I’m working (or start a viable business). The total will be less than $100 a month, and let’s say another $50 for essentials.

If you’re at all interested in helping, here are some options.

Panhandling: GoFundMe. I think there’s an anonymous donating option if you don’t want me to know it was you.

Almost panhandling: I welcome subscribers here. If you decide to go this route but don’t want to commit long term, several people doing a one-month sub and then canceling in time for the next month would definitely help a lot.

Not really panhandling because you get something back: my Etsy shop. I have been having some difficulty trying to add more than what is there, but if you have an Etsy account you can favorite it and come back later.

Also not really panhandling: I have a micro microstock portfolio at BigStock. I desperately need to add to it. I’ve been saying that for years. The extended license is fifty bucks last I knew and everything else is cheaper from there.

Thanks for looking, anyway.