27 September 2023

Critter sighting: Groundhog. Sitting up neat as you please, chewing on something. Oddly, in that little office park at Sawmill and Billingsley on the west side of Sawmill. Local people may be familiar.

It’s not unusual to see them grazing by the highways, especially near the on-/off-ramps, all summer long, though I hadn’t noticed them much this year. They’ll be hibernating soon, I’m sure.

Much better day income-wise though it dragged on and on. I had forgotten how much work this is when I’m not half-assing it because I know I have other money.

I do not know yet if I’ll make the deadline on rent. I guess we’ll see, but so far I haven’t paid it exactly on the first. Usually it’s on the second. Might have been the third one time, not sure, but I have that grace period of about three days (it’s in my lease). If I have to go with Meijer money orders again, so be it. Elizabeth isn’t terribly fond of me using money orders but I’m not fond of her not having a PayPal account, so I guess we’re even. One more reason to want a different place: Likely it’ll have an online payment portal. Debit or credit card. Bam. Done.

Back still being a so-and-so. General pattern seems to be hurts more in the morning, feels almost normal by the end of the day. I dunno. I’m just along for the ride.

Okay. Bed.