22 November 2023

I went out today, even started kind of early, but then things tapered off. To be fair, people were getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. The problem is that I needed at least another $40 and it just wasn’t coming. I can’t justify going to Upper Arlington from here for $4; I can’t justify going to Groveport for $10 or even $15. I would not go to Groveport at this point anyway. This is insane. And Uber keeps offering coupons. I want to go find their headquarters and burn it down. If I’m in a good mood I may let them all escape first.


Seriously, though, at what point do we decide we’ve had enough of corporate douchetards who think it’s funny to discount our income right at the start of the holidays?

I’m flailing. I’ve made all these bracelets to list in my Etsy shop. They’re really quite lovely, but I’m hitting a mental block. I am terrified they won’t sell. Why on earth I haven’t been trying anyway because at least I’d know for sure they weren’t going to sell as opposed to having to wonder forever, I have no idea; the end result would be the same except I could tell myself that at least I tried. I need to get up early enough tomorrow to actually do it. The light will be good because I tried photographing these things already but they just didn’t look good under artificial light and I don’t have a photography setup. Natural light and I get along great anyway. Needs to be done. Enough.

I did get food sufficient to get me through the day tomorrow. I kind of want to try a bit more driving because allegedly Uber gets a lot of order & pay requests, and if I did four I’d get a $15 bonus, but it’s Thanksgiving. It’ll be huge orders, probably heavy shit to lug up to third-floor apartments because people are fucking assholes, and plowing through crowds of people, and then everything closes at 5pm or earlier. I really don’t know.

I guess this is where I admit I don’t even have $400 right now and we’re past the 20th of the month. And I only have as much as I do because I got that $250 from Columbus State. If I tack on that three-day grace period I still have ten days, but it isn’t ideal. I’ve taken too many days off this month, or had too many short days. Probably both.

“Bet you regret quitting Quantum NOW, huh?”

Even with this all hanging over my head? No. I only mourn the loss of the money and perhaps the medical coverage. None of the rest of that shit made it worth it.

Which is insane! But I’ve just never made a good domesticated beastie, I’m afraid. And there’s always something about some work sector or some specific employer that makes me want to run screaming for the hills. I should sit down soon and write out my thoughts on the matter. You think I’m exasperating now? Just you wait.

There are so many different things people can do to make money and/or contribute to society. I don’t understand why all the good stuff disappeared and we are left with only the shit. Whose bright idea was this? Lemme go burn down his headquarters. It’s guaranteed to be a him. Men ruin fucking everything.

Meanwhile, I have steak and some cream of mushroom soup for those green beans in the pantry and also a PUMPKIN FUCKING PIE BECAUSE FUCK YOU. There was ONE can of Reddi-Whip left in the dairy case, and it was a sugar-free variation. Did not care. I hate fake whipped cream. I have some breakfast fixings too. I’m kind of set.

Okay. Bed, soonish. Because I don’t need to make things worse for myself tomorrow.