20 November 2023

Absolute solidarity with the women of Women’s Declaration International USA, who were brutally assaulted in Portland, Oregon today.

In case my brother peeks in, which I’m not sure he does as I don’t think I’ve seen him trigger the visitor counter, one of the women they attacked is Facebook friends with me, so there’s your odd little family connection. I support her 100% unreservedly in this matter. She speaks for me.

Everything the trans goons say about us is what they’re guilty of.

“They’re trying to erase us” When you add men to the definition of woman, “woman” doesn’t mean anything anymore. Every time women try to come up with an alternative word for ourselves, these fucks take that word too. We’ve been erased out of the educational literature published by major medical regulating bodies and advocacy organizations in favor of the too-vague word people. Please do note these assholes never believed we were people until they didn’t want to call us women anymore.

“They want us dead” Please do take note of their signs that say KILL ALL TERFS. That’s us. They want to kill us.

“They got Roe overturned” If you look at the text of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe vs. Wade you find a curious little gem about how there is legal precedent that a state’s regulation of abortion “is not a sex-based classification” (go to that link, hit ctrl and F at the same time, type in “sex” and hit Enter and you’ll see it), essentially claiming that somehow a state can ban abortion without discriminating against a specific sex. The only way you can decide that regulation of abortion is not a sex-based classification is if you think that people of either sex can get pregnant. Now I wonder who signs on to THAT idea. Could it be… the morons who claim that men can get pregnant?

“They subscribe to conservative gender norms” Who’s going around saying that people who love spinny skirts, pink, and sparkles are women? Not us.

“They’re homophobic” Who’s going around calling gay men and lesbian women “genital fetishists“? Can someone please ask these assholes why they don’t plaster straight people with that label? I keep getting blocked.

I’m so fed up with this shit. I don’t care what happens to them anymore. I just want something done about them. They destroyed my daughter and they destroyed my life and they’ve fucked up everything I’ve ever valued or loved. Be as nice as you like, just fucking stop them. I can’t by myself. Grow a goddamn spine. Show some fucking principle. You all know perfectly fucking well what a woman is. We’re the ones you keep shitting on so you can simp for the men you call women because you know they’re fucking men and you ALWAYS simp for fucking men. We see you. You know we see you. It’s why you want to shut us up.

“That’s what you get for hating men.” No, darlin’, that’s WHY we hate men.

…I dunno. Even now, even with all this shit going on? I can’t say I hate all men. I WILL say those of you I don’t hate are on extreme probation: one wrong move and you go on the permanent shit list. The stakes are too high. I’m done with your fucking clowning. Shape the fuck up or fuck the fuck off. You will NOT be missed.

I want to start some shit here to fight this insanity. I don’t even know where to begin. One of the ways this movement has ruined my life is that I’ve been talking about this issue for many, many years (since 2009 or earlier!) and, over the same intervening years, have watched nearly all my so-called “friends” fall away, quietly for the most part, and pretty much to a person they’ve pulled off their disappearances after I’ve gone on at length about gender identity again. One memorable and recent exception not only took me to task but made it crystal fucking clear that she hadn’t understood a word I’d said on the subject. Every argument she had I’d already addressed, every logical failure of the gender identity movement I’d already skewered and disproven. WHOOSH right over her head. She didn’t understand or she didn’t want to. It should be noted she is also a highly stereotypically-feminine woman, so my theory is that her identity is all tangled up in this stupidity and if she had to concede it was all made-up bullshit, she’d have to reconstruct her identity. Got that? The fact we’re poisoning kids and mutilating young girls is less important than Vicki’s possibly having to think of herself differently. Holy shit. They’re all like this. It’s insane. What fucking planet did I wake up on? This is not my home world. This is some fruit-loops alternative dimension straight out of The Twilight Zone. Thanks, I hate it. Can I go home now, please?

I digressed a bit. Point is, now that I’ve been abandoned, where do I find like minds here? I know of a couple women, but they are constantly out of town and we’ve never met in person, anyway. It may be I’ll have to start off sneaky. I can make stickers. I might just do that for a while, see what happens. I won’t need a printing service and my printer can’t be traced to me (I didn’t buy it, I never registered it, and it’s an older model), so that’s one obstacle down.

We’ll see. If you start hearing about me on the news, change the channel, you fucking cowards. Don’t you fucking dare claim you were with us all along when we win, either. Nothing short of “we’re sorry, you were right all along,” paying for our children’s detransition and therapy, paying our legal fees, and kissing our asses for the rest of your miserable lives will do.

You put yourselves into this shit by being chickenshit. Don’t cry to me. I don’t fucking care anymore. I see what you are, and have nothing but contempt for you.

I got another day in. Didn’t start as early, but I suppose I did all right. I need to get into the habit, when I accept calls, of checking whether the dollars and miles match. If the entire trip is more miles than I’m earning in dollars then I need to reject the offer. I would have some wiggle room if I’ve had some good runs and then get a stinker because it will all average out, but I have to be careful with that. It’s not worth going 100 miles a day — which I do, routinely, more often than not — if I’m not also earning $100 or more a day.

You people barely tipping for big shopping trips or whatever need to get off your fat asses and go get it yourself. I am fat and I’m running circles around you. But they have motorized scooters in those places and disabled seating. So you don’t even have that obstacle.

I was saying a while back on Facebook that while there are definitely issues with the wealthy and how they treat the poor and the working class, at the end of the day it’s the wealthy being willing to shell out more money, while the middle class think they’re entitled to luxuries at Walmart prices. Worse than nouveaux riches. Totally without class in every way that counts. I’m not going to cry when the middle class disappears any more than I’ll cry when the gender-identity simpers are finally discredited and publicly shamed. You’re fucking asking for this, so sit the fuck down and take your medicine. You cannot have a middle class when the poor have no hope of climbing out of poverty. Where the fuck do you think the middle class comes from?

I need to double-check but I’m pretty sure I can get on the VSP vision plan, and I should. I haven’t said anything all along but I think my eyesight is going to shit, and not just my close vision, either. I’m hoping it’s just blue-light damage or something. I would not be ashamed to wear bifocals; in fact, I’d rather have those than have to do this constant song and dance of taking my glasses off to drive and so on. But if it’s something worse than that, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m extremely visually oriented. It’d be as bad as losing my right hand. But will I get on the plan anytime soon? Dunno. I am not my own best friend, I suppose.

Which reminds me. I meant to ask on Facebook about this and whether anyone’s noticed it, but I’ve begun wondering if the reason everything looks duller is just my eyes getting older. And what do you know. Goddamn it. I suppose I’ll be getting cateracts removed when I’m a bit older, too — Dad did.

But the thing I originally was talking about here wasn’t colors looking duller. I’ve been 20/20 my whole life, but now stuff farther off is starting to blur. Meh.

Have not heard back from that cleaning outfit. Not at all surprised. I have to say this is probably another way the gender identity movement is ruining my life because while I’m being much more of an asshole about it lately, you can’t even NICELY object to being politically misdefined and erased without employers looking at you going “nope…” They can tell themselves they’re still hiring women even though it’s cocks in frocks, and the feds back them up. You people who think this is all our fault for Not Being Nice actually thought society was mostly over with men oppressing women. Holy shit. I TOLD you. Even before this became an issue. When you cannot even object to your own erasure and to others’ sexual harassment and oppression of you, you are NOT liberated.

I should have started figuring out an alternative path back in August. I just feel so stuck. Like I have all along.