19 September 2023

Had the phone call with Hospital today. I half suspected it was just going to be some kind of screening preliminary thing. I was right. HR lady and I vibed, though, which is what happened with the Quantum interview so maybe this might go somewhere. I guess we will just have to see. I will say this: I’m not optimistic. How many times have I thought an interview went well or at least not badly only to be ghosted or told no? This will just be the next time. I can see it coming all too clearly.

I am not bothering being angry at myself for quitting Quantum because that place was not good for me. It should have been, and certainly the money and benefits were decent, but I cannot be in a situation where three months in I still feel like I don’t know my own ass from a hole in the ground. Some people like that. I’m not some people. I’m just me people. I don’t have to like it. I just have to accept it.

Was going to go out delivering, but felt crappy for a while. I am not sure what’s going on there. I could list off this whole litany of possible candidate-conditions, but there’s no point, is there. Even if I had health insurance I’d make myself broke; that urgent-care visit for my nose cost me $125 when I was covered on the co-pay plan. Ouch. I will say I suspect possibly some residual shit from having COVID a year ago and also possibly some kind of gallbladder problem. (I fit the demographic pretty much to a T.) But it could also be simple nerves, or it could be that tomorrow is the two-year anniversary of me basically abandoning my daughter, and I haven’t heard from her in probably most of one. I normally deal fine with being by myself but the past two years I’ve felt alone to a level I’ve never felt it before. I honestly do not know why I am still here.

But, no point whinging about it. I have to drive tomorrow and I have to push myself to get the rent money ASAP, just so it’s not held off til the last minute. I also need to get ahead so I can figure out my final month here. In this apartment, I mean. Though hell, for all I know it could be my final month entirely. Life’s a crap shoot. Emphasis on “crap.”

I may go to the movies soon. I rolled my eyes at the thought of seeing Barbie, but enough women with generally feminist inclinations have come back praising it that I’m somewhat willing to give it a shot. I’m not a lemming and I don’t need people to tell me what to watch but I am not going to pay movie-theater prices for something that’s just going to piss me off. As it is, I’ll likely hit the 1pm show because that’s matinee prices at the theater I mean to visit. Thirty percent off. Fine by me. I’m aware of the choo-choo pretending to be Dr. Barbie in the film, but I also know his back story and that he was only pity casting and it’s a very short appearance. Egotistical fuckface. Easily overlooked. I just want a diversion. I’ve been watching Red Dwarf on Tubi and laughing at it — Matt had the entire series not including the new episodes and I had only ever half paid attention but now I actually want to see it — but actually Going Somewhere would be nice. I’ve done it before. I wouldn’t have been able to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace on opening day in 1999 if I hadn’t gone alone because my fucking “friends” didn’t bother trying to include me. And that’s when things were still good. This is how much I’m worth. But I don’t mind taking me to movies. I’m good company. That’s fine.

A note in case this comes back up later: My back’s weird today for some reason. It’s weird anyway first thing in the morning because I’m pretty sure memory-foam mattresses are terrible for it, but this is just one-sided and well after I’ve been up and about, because usually it’s both sides and it works its way out as I go through my morning stuff and move around some. I sometimes wonder about my kidneys just because of what Dad’s been through. So, one more concern. My consolation in that case is that end-stage renal disease is a trigger condition for Medicare coverage no matter how old you are, so at least that won’t send me to the poorhouse any worse than I already am. But I’d like to not have to do that, if the universe doesn’t mind. Kidney disease sucks. Period.

Okay. Bedtime. I need to get my ass up to have time to make a good lunch run with delivery. Just do. If I can clear $75 I’ll be pretty happy. About that, anyway.