19 January 2024

Finally got to Carrie’s today. If you spend much time here you may or may not have noticed some changes. I revamped the “ex files” section. I will add more to it, obviously, or else it will look stupid sitting there without much content. I just can’t guarantee how fast that will happen.

I’m debating with myself whether to include photos. No decision I make about it will be a done deal, of course. If I add pics now, I can remove them later and vice versa.

I didn’t apply for any jobs today but I did message an employer in Eunice through the Indeed website to see if they’re still hiring for housekeeper and what level of experience they want. I need to make a special point to get connected at least a few times Monday. Connectivity here has been horrible lately and I can’t let it screw my chances. I will have trouble getting phone calls for the same reason, but at least through Indeed I’m likely to be contacted through the site and app.

I also need to get my ass moving on Etsy listings. I’m running out of time and I’ll be losing my phone in about eight days if I don’t get that sorted. Mind you, me making the listings doesn’t mean anyone will actually buy. Same old frustration.

Carrie insists I am welcome to come over any time she’s home, so that’s something. Weather starts warming up next week, at least for a bit. It’s also supposed to rain, so it’ll still be iffy, but we’ll see.

Dad’s on his third bottle since I got back. He bought this one yesterday and he is already more than halfway through it. His general demeanor today was what I’d call less than sober. It is the nature of an addict that they will come up with any excuse to continue, and I know that. Dad is also known to lie about his drinking status, and so it’s very possible he had not actually quit for a month and a half like he told everyone before I got here. I still think I drive him to drink somehow. It is just a thing I will have to live with because there’s no way to get an honest answer I would trust.

Still general health weirdness. This month it’s the period that never ends (what is this, going into week three? I need to look) and some fuckery with my left ankle. That’s bound to be a bad vein. I have been coping with weird edema issues with my feet and ankles since I was eighteen — I wasn’t even overweight then — and it’s only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. This is a relatively new wrinkle, though. I’m keeping an eye on it.

I’ve said a few times that I was accepted on Louisiana Medicaid but I’m still waiting for the goddamn cards. Hopefully soon.

I have this favorite Scottish comedian I follow on Facebook and he likes to respond to his fans fairly often. Today it was bullshitting about how he got his eyebrow scar. We longer-term fans already know the story, but this not only wasn’t true but was a wondrously creative tall tale involving a dolphin in which he joked about which other animals look like a shark. Just the dolphin, he said. I said well, last I heard from him that’s also women with big noses. He got a kick out of that. “You’ve been watching my old stuff.” Yessir. You funny. You cute too. Always helps.

He does look a bit uncomfortably like an ex-boyfriend of mine. Definitely not the same guy — comedian dude has a better sense of humor, for one thing, and the ex is Irish-American, not Scottish. It’s just strange. I must be really into Celts.

(Still quite fond of Rory. Rory is unavailable. Too bad.)

I still miss Columbus. I don’t see that changing. I cannot even consider going back there if I haven’t got my ducks a little closer to in a row.

Okay. Tired. ‘Later.