06 March 2024

Got the mammogram done today. Fun! Apparently it’s supposed to be 3D, too. I wonder if I will be able to look at it from my MyChart. We’ll see. It’ll be several days yet.

Called the doctor’s office and sure enough, my fasting sugar triggered an A1C. It’s not in normal range. The lady I talked to didn’t have the results right in front of her and then when she went to get them there was some weirdness with the phone. Tried calling back and the line was busy. Ah well. I’m going in tomorrow at noon to see about that.

I’m figuring my cholesterol will be fucked, too. I am fine with a total around 200 mg/dl no matter what the drug-happy quacks think but I need numbers on what is specifically going on. I will NOT be getting on a statin. I don’t think she is going to like me very much. Haha.

Caught up a whole lot of stuff here at Carrie’s. It’s getting late enough I should probably get off here. One of Carrie’s granddaughters is here with a mild fever (I am staying the hell away from her) and I’m in Stanford’s usual chair. Best free it up for him soon.