05 March 2024

I have thought some more about managing my schedule and I’m not 100% wedded to doing Uber on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Frankly I’m not more than 5% wedded to it because there’s too much travel involved. I actually made progress back in Ohio when I moved to Dublin because it was very easy to start my delivery day from there; that’s where I did most of my delivering anyhow. Go where the money is, is my motto. But I’ve regressed now. I have to travel over twenty miles to get to the good stuff AGAIN. And the good stuff might not even be there.

But based on previous experience it’s a fair bet I could expect to do pretty well on Fridays. Probably on Saturdays as well. That might be when I do it. I don’t know yet.

Today started out kind of shit. Was puttering around in the kitchen when I looked up and there was a big fat tree roach on the kitchen wall. I have found through dealing with about half a dozen others that it helps to use both brands of roach spray Dad has on the utility table in the kitchen. Just one by itself doesn’t really do anything, or not fast enough, anyway. The problem is they get stoned on the way to getting dead and tend to wander around the house falling off things until they finally die. The longer they take to die, the more likely they wind up going where you do not want them to go. And I don’t want to send them outside. Then they’ll get eaten and poison something I don’t want to poison. No bueno. Two sprays it is. Then when the little shit’s dead, it goes in the trash.

And now I’m in my room typing because we got hit with a big, if possibly temporary, thunderstorm that I did not want to be out in with my electronics. It’s 1pm now and I’ll probably go to Carrie’s in a bit but for a while I wasn’t sure that was going to happen. Anyway I’m sitting here minding my own business and suddenly hear rustling in plastic behind me on the shelves. And then buzzing. I still haven’t seen what it is and I cannot pinpoint the exact spot the noise is coming from, and now it’s died down, but there I go with another fucking bug to deal with. Joy. I’m not sure which is worse, another roach or a wasp. We’ve been getting plenty of the latter on the back porch, and my room’s direct line of sight to the back door, which we often leave open if it gets warm enough. But the buzzing could simply be something beating its wings against plastic — it doesn’t have to be a buzzy bug. And roaches are much more likely than wasps are to hide in stuff. I really don’t want to know. Hope it dies before I have to see it.

I don’t get why people LIKE living here. Between this shit and the humidity and fucking hurricanes, it’s very inhospitable. I suspect we only still have a viable human population here because most of them are too poor to relocate and at some point, someone invented air conditioning. It is not like the north in regards to the latter. Broke people have a/c here. They make a/c happen. Even if they only use it on the very worst days.

I also fully appreciate the irony in me having a generally pro-nature stance and then being freaked out by this shit. I am actually not freaked out by all bugs, though. I don’t know what it is about tree roaches — Germans, sure, because they actually breed in your house, but tree bugs are just visiting. I hate them anyway. I cannot explain it. I hope we ALL know what it is about wasps, though. Stay the fuck outside and leave me alone, I got no problem with those. Step into my hive, we’re gonna have a problem. It’s no worse than what they’d do to me if I stuck my head into a hornet’s nest. Let’s be real here.

I also have a theory that tree roaches don’t like rain. I don’t know why, but we tend to see them most often when it’s been raining outside. Like… you’re tree roaches? Take shelter in a tree? Do not come in my house and freak me out? I don’t get it.

I got matcha yesterday for the first time in a long time. Beaucoup Blends in Iota has matcha lattes. I don’t think they quite grok matcha though. They do a decent job with it. It’s not quite as flavorful as what Kung Fu Tea sells in Columbus, but it’s pretty good. But the young lady who sold it to me was politely confused about me not wanting any flavor shots. “Just sweetened is fine,” I said. She asked me to taste it before leaving to make sure I actually liked it. Yep. It’s good. Thanks. Haha. The only matcha I ever had with any other flavor added was the sesame matcha that KFT sells. I think it would be a stretch too far to suggest that flavor option to BB’s staff. I doubt it would sell very well.

But! I am happy to note they have diabetes-friendly tea drinks. And if I want to self-harm with starch, they also have boba. It’s expensive compared to KFT’s but I doubt they get many requests for it. Though I could be wrong on that score. Walmart, of all fucking things, in Jennings now carries boba tea kits. You could have knocked me over with a feather. One of them is even matcha flavor. Maybe it’s catching on. But if I don’t do boba I still have lots of options. Looks like their smoothies are okay for me too.

Yesterday Dad and I went to Super One because the day before yesterday, Dad went out and bought a small chest freezer. So now there was nothing for it but he would have to get meat to fill it. Well, half fill it, anyway. Didn’t get too crazy.

Had an unpleasant moment in the deli section (and I use that term loosely; this is south Louisiana, after all) where I suddenly went dizzy. It wasn’t BAD dizzy, but if it had kept up, I wouldn’t have been able to drive us home. I didn’t fall over or anything though. And it was for just a few seconds. I half wonder if it wasn’t something I was smelling in the general area. Something chemical going on. I hope I was actually smelling something and not hallucinating it relative to the faintness. You never fucking know.

I hadn’t had breakfast. Something else I’ve been going through, and much more than that one dizzy spell, is I get full sooner than I used to when I eat, and if I persist and eat more after I’m not hungry anymore then I feel sick afterwards. And we’re not talking five Big Mac value meals here. We’re talking fairly normal, especially by American standards. I am not sure if this is coming from me having been used to not having much food for two years or if something worse is going on. I’m already pretty sure my gallbladder has shat the bed. I’m wondering if it’s possible it might not be the gallbladder after all.

Nurse practitioner’s office called today and the lab results are back. Phone had no signal when the call came in so I got the voicemail. I have to be in Jennings tomorrow for the mammogram anyway so I might as well call them back then. Something else to worry about. This IS a small town and maybe they just call everyone when test results come back even if it’s to say the test results are fine, but in my experience no news is good news. They are going to find a high fasting sugar. Minimum. I bet my cholesterol is tanked too. They better hold on to their britches because I am not going on a statin. I have enough problems and statins can mess up your muscles and your brain, neither of which of mine are at peak anymore (the muscles never were, in fact). Do not want. Niacin and garlic capsules are not out of the question, though.

And of course there’s going keto. I bet just doing that will improve things a lot. I will add on the garlic and niacin, or possibly a good full-spectrum B complex, just for extra insurance.

Let’s just hope there’s nothing else going on. Not that they can tell everything from the labs the nurse practitioner ran for me. She did say she’d run an A1C if the fasting sugar came back high so I’m half hoping that’s what she wants to talk about because I want to know what it is. Otherwise? God, no more bullshit. I have had twenty-five years’ worth of bullshit. I deserve a break. I DESERVE one. Goddamn it.