Quincy Jones – “Soul Bossa Nova”

I was today years old when I found out the theme for the Austin Powers films was written by Quincy Jones.

I thought, “This needs a flash mob,” and YouTube obligingly served one up for me but unfortunately it wasn’t dancers, it was just musicians. It was still incredibly fucking cool, but they took a while gathering all the musicians together, starting with a single drummer and then adding more musicians pretty much one at a time but not really starting the song for several minutes, just the drumming and a horn or two, and it felt a lot like having sex with a new guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing at your controls yet and you take a whole fucking hour for something that shouldn’t have taken longer than ten minutes and you JUST KNOW he’s gonna get you there ANY SECOND NOW but… NO. ARGH. So I won’t share that here. You can go find it if you want to see it.

But seriously, someone should do a combo band and dancer flash mob of this. In costume, if possible. Screaming ladies an’ all. That would be incredible. Just about as good as doing a “Thriller” zombie dance.

Bonus if they can find a cop who’ll do cartwheels.