Magic lighter

I just saw a Facebook post that reminded me of this. I used to own a magic lighter.

It was a green Bic, and I’ve never been a smoker but I’ve been an incense aficionado pretty much my whole adult life. I could not now tell you when I actually purchased said Bic, but I’m pretty sure I was still married at the time, which would place that somewhere between 1995 and 1999. Also I got it right before Bic started childproofing all their lighters.

That sucka lasted… God… I don’t even know how long. I was using it the whole time, too. I am pretty sure my daughter existed in the world by the time it ran out of fuel, and she was born in late 2004. Matt knew about it, let’s put it that way. We used to joke about my magic lighter with the everlasting fuel.

By the time it died we were living in the house he bought. I wound up replacing it with two other Bics. Childproofed, natch, though by then no one was in any danger from them — Thea doesn’t seem to have had the firebug phase that her Uncle Doug had as a child.

I really would rather have a Zippo, but I’ve held off. I want a cool one.