25 March 2024

I’m gonna be lazy and copypasta my Facebook post from today (one of them):

This has been a weird day.

So, first up I went for my biopsy. They told me some of what to expect, but be aware that if you ever go in for a needle biopsy, it is unpleasant. She did numb me up well. Even added extra on the second biopsy site because it ran deeper, for which I was profoundly grateful. AND with my tit numb I didn’t feel as squished by the ultrasound doohickey either. But when they stick in the sample-taker, it… clicks. Like… ugh. I did not even watch what was going on. (I don’t watch my vaccinations either.)

I got extra-strength Tylenol, or actually the Walmart brand which was like half the price, after that. Already took dose one. I am not fucking around with this. I didn’t bleed on the surface really — they said I hardly even oozed — but I’m sure I’ll bruise plenty.

And the whole experience left my poor boob misshapen, so that was fun too. Not.

So, but, anyway. I get to Jennings, look in my Humana account because I figure I’ve got at least $15 in there and it’s actually $95. I have no idea why. I will not complain. I turned $25 into a Walmart gift card and went on in.

Then, I’m checking out, right? I look down when I’m fiddling around with paying, and I see a $20 bill on the floor between the self-check kiosk (YES I USE SELF-CHECKOUT) and the drink cooler. Right as I see it this employee wanders by and remarks that I have dropped my money.

If it’d been a $100 bill I probably would have taken it to the customer service desk.


But it was $20 and I need to pay my phone bill with minimal stress. I already had like half of that. Especially after I cashed in my $4 scratchoff, which is what I did next.

So that’s sitting in the Credit Builder card waiting for the bill to hit.

I have some things to dick around with here at the library and then I suppose I’ll go home. Though I’m debating stopping by Carrie’s first. Haven’t seen her in a bit. I dunno. We’ll see.

I actually have been sitting here at the library doing this, that, and the other, and my boob is not sore yet. I did take a dose of Extra Strength Tylenol after I bought it and maybe that’s why, or maybe the numbing shit hasn’t worn off yet. Impossible to say.

Did a little research and it looks like Walmart carries a couple card readers that also read micro SD cards. I probably won’t get it today, but probably soon. I would rather use gift card balance to get it than try to earn the money for it at this point. It’s like five bucks more. I don’t care.

Cooked spaghetti last night. Dad comes out after it’s all done and it’s “I can’t eat that because it’ll keep me up for hours,” and then… he was up for a while after I went to bed. And then got back up again later. Dude, it’s your blood sugar. I wash my hands of it. If I don’t cook, you fall out. If I do cook, you don’t eat and then you fall out. I am not even going to try to figure this out anymore. This is just one more person never being happy with what I do. And I already knew that about him.

God. Thea thinks I’m shit but at least I used to call attention to good things about her. Yes I fucking bragged on my kid. I still will do it. She’s awesome. My parents never thought I was awesome. They thought I was broken and couldn’t be fixed. I don’t care if I am or not, I’m fucking over it.

Applied for another job; once again will not announce it until I hear something. It’s to do with medical records and I’m kind of hoping a lot. The pay is not super stellar but FOR AROUND HERE, and me not owing rent right now, it’s pretty good. I think it could even score me an apartment in Iota if it works out, if it comes to that. Which again will mean I don’t get it, but I’m certainly going to try.

I’m tired. Being stabbed in the tit wears you out even if you aren’t feeling it. I’m sure the drug didn’t help. This is one of the things I hate about being this old. Shit that used to be nothing has become something.

Or I’m way too far out of shape and poorly nourished. Either way.