16 September 2023

Today, Uber Eats seemed determined to place me in Delaware* as much as humanly possible. It was a little weird being back in my short-term temporary homeless stomping grounds. One of my delivery customers was just a few blocks away from the shelter.

I’ve been thinking for months that I’d like to stop by both the state trooper station where my trooper probably is stationed and also the veteran services office in downtown Delaware to say hi and thank you to people in person. I didn’t want to do it until I had something solid to report and, well, I keep kicking my own supports out from under me so things are never going to be perfect and I might as well just get my ass up there soon. Probably will take something nice for them. Might even bake it myself.

Dogs are barking like nuts right now. It’s after 10:30pm. I just heard the landlord yelling at them, so my first thought’s probably not it — he seems probably as okay as he ever is under these circumstances. Who knows what it is, then. It’s not me. That’s all I know.

Reba liked one of my Facebook posts again today and Doug is now following me on Instagram. This is all well and good, y’all, but where the fuck were you when I was homeless? Being happy I’m not staying in your house. Camper, in Doug’s case, last I heard. And why is Reba glad I’m not staying with her? Because I don’t do things exactly the same way she does them. This isn’t even like me living with the troll who never cleaned unless he had someone to impress and who constantly smelled bad. This is just minor differences that get blown up into World War Three. So believe me, I’m glad neither of them bothered with me but still, the “love” and “concern” are a tad hypocritical now. They could have at least said, “hey, we see the difficulty you’re going through and we’re thinking about you.” Hell, Doug could have sent me some fucking money. HOW many hundreds of dollars has he essentially stolen from me now? Pay up, fucker. I’m gonna let him stew for a bit and then make him unfollow me again. Someday, he might even get the hint. He’s a tad thick, though. Not holding my breath.

[edit] I forgot, Reba called me while I was in the homeless shelter. Like, we literally had a whole hours-long conversation with me pacing around the kitchen. She never came out and said “I see you’re homeless,” though. She probably knew, but she didn’t come out and say so. I had to tell her. The only reason I think she probably already knew is she almost never calls anymore, so for her to finally come out and attempt it when I was at my lowest is suspicious timing, to say the least. I guess that counts for something. Even if it was still her acting like we were talking about nothing more consequential than the weather.

Still expects me to see her as my real mom, too.

What can you do.

*Delaware town, the county seat of Delaware County, in Ohio. Not the state of Delaware. I’ve confused people with this before. Charming little town. Sometimes I think about actually moving there.