16 May 2024

There is nothing like some solitude with minimal pressure to do anything RIGHT FUCKING NOW, when you’ve got my sort of brain, to finally figure out things the most sensible way.

Okay. So. Last we discussed this, I was mulling over transferring all my files to my cobbled-together external hard drive to carry in my carry-on while leaving my laptop in my checked baggage. The plan was fine as far as it went. I was a little worried about someone stealing the fucker anyway and then knowing a hacker who could take all my info off (even if you format a drive, the info’s still there, and I wouldn’t have formatted), but apart from that.

Well, tonight (thank fuck I hadn’t started yet), I realized I had another option.

I could just yank the existing fucking hard drive.

And carry it in my carry-on. And still put the laptop itself in the checked bag.


I even still have a teeny screwdriver that will help me get the machine apart and take its brain out. MMM. BRAINS. So basically all I have to do is set things up sometime Saturday night or maybe Sunday morning and I’ve got it fucking made.

Scary? You bet. Something could go wrong. But you know what? If something goes wrong I could get another fucking laptop and stick my current hard drive into my “external hard drive” housing, where I currently keep the drive from my LAST computer but I could swap them out. I DO have a bit of financial wiggle room. In a pinch, to replace the laptop, I would use it. I have already priced them at Walmart. It’s doable.

But I don’t think it will happen. And bonus? If someone does steal the laptop? It’ll be fucking useless to them HAHAHAHAHA.

Okay. That is a load off my mind.

Brenda stopped by earlier to check on me and we have worked out that she will stop by tomorrow again and we’ll go to Walmart. I have a few odds and ends I want to get that should make travel easier. Made a list already. Now I’m tired. ‘Night.