08 March 2024

Happy International Women’s Day. And Women’s History Month in the USA. The only history month more ignored is probably Native American in November.

In honor of the day, I got a call from Crowley. It’s the hospital there, same system as where I got my mammo in Jennings, and they want to redo my right tit. I am at the library and this was a reminder that I hadn’t checked my results, which I found out had come in this morning but couldn’t actually open them in the app. Very annoying. Nevertheless. Left tit is fine. Right tit needs re-imaging. The issue is sometimes caused by poor positioning, so we will see if that was the problem.

I already have an appointment in Crowley on Monday, that one to arrange the Roto-Rooter up my ass, but that’s at 9:30. The mammo appointment is 1:30. I suppose I can spend time at the library or something until it’s time for the second one. Absolutely no point driving home and then back.

I’m in Jennings because Dad wants me to buy him booze. Not with my money, obviously. I agreed only because (1) I wanted to go to the library anyway and (2) I’m under his roof. I don’t need this to be a reason he starts agitating to kick me out. I don’t really think he will — he just bought a chest freezer! — but you never know with him.

Fasting sugar this morning was, I think, 159 mg/dl. Still too high but not as high. That was with just one dose of metformin and I did have too much carb last night. We’ll just have to see how things go.