08 July 2024

32 years since I went into the Army. Shit has never stopped being weird and scary.

Same old Monday night thing again. Mac was there this time and had some younger woman along with him. I don’t know who she was to him but apparently she’s been there a couple times before (I am pretty sure I remember one of those times) and Neighbor remarked after they’d left that this was the third time she’d come over and she’d seemed angry all three times. I didn’t really think so, but I have shit instincts about people so I’m probably the wrong one to ask.

Learned a little more about how Neighbor’s life goes — there was this woman he and L kept mentioning and I asked about her tonight because he mentioned her again. Turns out she cleans his house. With L cooking some meals for him it makes me wonder who else he’s got on staff, ha ha. Also learned he spent about fifteen years growing pot, “but you knew that, right?” Yes, I know you wrote a book about pot but no, I’ve not read it yet. I haven’t read most of his bibliography. I keep meaning to get a particular one done via library ebook loan on Kindle but I have a sinking feeling I’m not going to finish it before the due date. Again. I just can’t fucking focus anymore. I have a feeling I sort of get where he’s coming from anyway, given what he usually writes about.

Out-Of-Town Guy went a little weird a while back and hasn’t stopped being weird… for him, anyway. Supposed to meet him when he’s in town for the thing next month and now I’m not sure I will actually care. But we’ll see. He’s moving to Victoria, meaning he’ll be on Canada’s west coast and not THAT far north of me that he couldn’t stop in once in a while. It is amazingly easy for Canadians to come here anyway. I am just gonna lay low when he’s here, though. If he wants a conversation he’s going to have to push for one. I doubt he will.

I really would like more people to chat with though. Is there a point in adulthood when that stops happening? There must be and I’m well past it. And Facebook and DMs and texting really don’t cut it.

Got a new keyboard and mouse for the laptop. The O key has been a problem on the laptop for a while (I had to superglue it back on) and now other keys feel looser and the clicker buttons on the trackpad have lost their goddamn tiny minds. The keyboard and mouse I just bought connect to the laptop by way of a USB dongle. I hate that word, it brings out my inner thirteen-year-old boy, but that’s what the tech nerds call them. Am using it in a USB port that I never use for anything else anyway. Only real drawback is the keys are noisier. I should push my bedtime back so I can limit this to more of L’s awake hours. I don’t know how well she can hear it now.

Got a “no” on MediCAL. Ten to one the cow didn’t check the document-upload whatsit. Accordingly, I have written back to ask her if she has. I will be very surprised if I hear back from her, but if I don’t I’ll just hang on until whenever open enrollment is and just try to save up enough money for urgent care for in the meantime.

Because that’s the other thing. Neighbor needs additional help related to the meat thing on Monday nights. I’ve said I will do it. That’s $100 a week. I’m supposed to go over there Wednesday and find out what’s involved and be shown how to do it. So, sort of a job. It’ll at least keep me going for a bit. Certainly no worse than fucking Uber Eats; I’ll be able to keep more of what I get.

Okay, I need to take care of dishes/leftovers and then get something to drink and then get my ass to bed. Sigh.

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