03 November 2023

Holy shit… I squeaked in under the wire.

So I got the $300. I had enough other that it all pushed me up to about $890, and then I discovered I had a bit more in tips from deliveries which pushed it up to $900. Like I said before, I could do $70 in a day and then use $30 of my SpotMe.

Well, I started nice and early. That helped a lot. So what I actually got up to was probably $80ish, which meant $20ish needed to come from the SpotMe. So I stopped and got the money order, and then I left it in the usual spot with a note for Elizabeth, and then I went back out because I had pretty much no food worth speaking of and I also had two out of three blips left on the final quarter-tank of gas. Car-car and I both needed to eat. Nothing for it. I got far back enough out of the hole to spend $20 straight, not SpotMe, getting it into the gas tank and then went back into the hole a little bit getting food. I still have eight or nine bucks cash so I’m fine for breakfast tomorrow.

Got back here and, uncharacteristically, Elizabeth was outside. I damn near hit one of the dogs but she wasn’t upset — they will tend to be impulsive and I think they’re still also upset over Pat. Doggos are like little kids in that way: upset = acting out. Anyway, E said that her family members who want to move in aren’t going to be able to until after January. So we could do it month to month until then? I said. Yep. So I have a place for two more months. Well, three if you count this one.

Oh, and I had been wondering for months where the fuck my mail went. She’s got it. So none of that’s lost. I had left the key she’d given me with the rent when I left the rent in our usual spot, and I included an explanatory note. So she knows what’s up. I figure it’ll be near the end of January by the time I actually get any of it, but who knows.

I have some leads on jobs that I need to follow up in the next couple weeks but we’ll see. Failing anything else, if I don’t get lazy again I can just aim for $50 a day five days a week to save toward rent and do pretty well and then after that, who fucking knows. I don’t know. I’m playing it by ear.