31 December 1998

A recap.

Last week of December: Mike mentioned that a deal he’s been working out with his friend Dominic in Savannah, GA, to get hold of some warehoused surplus computer parts from the friend’s Iowa hometown or thereabouts, has finally gone through. Mike plans to go to Savannah, a five-hour drive one way, with his friend and our roommate Scott Seman to pick up the parts on New Year’s Eve. Total round trip is supposed to take between eight and nine hours. Fine, I say, just so long as he’s back and alert enough to watch Sean while I work at the Kroger deli on New Year’s Day. No problem, says Mike.

Now up to date.

I got home from work at about 10:30pm after crawling in my car through a New Year’s Eve police checkpoint. Mike and Scott left at about 11pm. Mike has gotten our scanner set up after weeks of swearing horribly and fighting with its SCSI configuration, and I have finally organized all my photo negatives into negative-sleeve album pages and labeled them, so I’m settled in at the computer with a bottle of wine and scanning old family photos to add to my homepage.

Not exactly a party, but not a bad way to spend New Year’s Eve.