a little help

At this point in my life I’m way between jobs. I was mostly relying on delivery driving when I was still in Columbus (January 2021 to December 2023) but now that my car’s fucked (still running, but Accumulating Problems) and I’m no longer in a major population area — well, let’s put it this way. I barely survived delivery driving in the 14th largest city in the United States. I would never be able to make a go of it here. My not having to pay rent will not balance out the situation. Picking up ridesharing is not an option, either. Auto insurance is a lot more expensive here than it was in Ohio. If I have to add a rider or whatever you call it for ridesharing, I’m sunk.

My big gap in employment due to stay-home parenting and my smaller gaps before that probably won’t help my current job search. Nor will my age (please… in employment-at-will states, they don’t have to tell you why they didn’t hire you). Nor will my lack of college degree.

So at this point it’s a race against time to see which I can do first: get a job or become sustainably self-employed. Problem is, it’ll take time even for the latter. Right now I have to be able to pay for my phone, internet hosting, and car insurance every month or I’ll be dead in the water. That total runs between $175 and $200 a month. Let’s say $200.

If you’re at all interested in helping, here are some options.

Panhandling: GoFundMe. I think there’s an anonymous donating option if you don’t want me to know it was you.

Almost panhandling: I welcome subscribers here. If you decide to go this route but don’t want to commit long term, several people doing a one-month sub and then canceling in time for the next month would definitely help a lot.

Not really panhandling because you get something back: my Etsy shop. Unless you’re in the market for that stretch beaded bracelet fad going on right now, maybe there’s not much there yet but I’ll be putting up a listing to do portraits soon. Only reason I’m not doing it now is I don’t have a sample portrait yet. Sandor’s lovely, but not quite where I want to be, and this will be for normal people as subjects, not fan art.

(Though I want to do fan art too.)

(Really, really want to do more fan art!)

(Maybe in a little while.)

Also not really panhandling: I have a micro microstock portfolio at BigStock. I desperately need to add to it. I’ve been saying that for years. The extended license is fifty bucks last I knew and everything else is cheaper from there.

Thanks for looking, anyway.