26 November 2023

Had a much better day today delivering. Really wondering why I couldn’t have had days like this all week. I’d be almost there. As it is, unless a miracle happens, I’m definitely giving myself until the third to get sorted. And it’ll probably be squeaky-bum time. God bless the UK and all their wonderful metaphors.

I’ve been gradually adding on apps to my new phone here and there. Yesterday it was one of my old gig apps. I’ve burnt some bridges with some of the others but had been trying to sort this one out because somebody fucked up. (Again. They have been fucking up almost since day one. I have made net pay of six dollars and some change in the more than a year, closer to two, since I signed on with this fucking thing.) They had it asking for my I-9 (citizenship/immigration status form) when you normally only need that once per employer (and I’m technically a temp so I’m the employee of whatever agency is running this thing). Kept going back and forth and getting piss-poor communication about getting it fixed so had written it off. But yesterday I got curious, and saw there were jobs listed. And tonight I looked into my profile details and holy shit, they fixed it. All my documentation’s there. Thank fuck.

The other cool thing is that used to be you got paid every week like with normal temp jobs, but now they let you withdraw up to 50% of your pay after you complete a shift.

Sooooo let me see how this week goes. If it’s looking really bleak I’ll give Elizabeth a status update and then start pulling shifts at Job Site. (Never mind the name of the job site. I don’t need you bastards hunting me down.) She’ll be happy to hear I have a job and possibly be willing to work with me. I’ll be happy to not have to cope with an extended-stay motel during the holidays. Job Site will be happy for the extra help. EVERYBODY WINS

I will also be one sore motherfucker. But this time I need to push through. Enough with the fucking whining.

I’ll very likely work there regardless. It’s 11 miles away from where I live, but I drive 100 miles on a good day with Uber. A 22-mile round trip is nothing. If I’d stayed with Dad it’d have been the same there. [checks] Fuck. It’s worse there. Between 37 and 38 miles in one direction between Iota and Lafayette. And Lafayette’s likely where I would have ended up working. Dear god. No. This is better. It’s actually comparable to the distance Matt drove in one direction when I lived with him and he worked at Northwoods. Assuming you don’t take the Henderson Road route. But that’s only three miles shorter distance.

Got the store set up finally. As you look at the prices I want you to keep in mind that typically, Etsy shops selling seed-bead stretch bracelets charge anywhere from $3 to $6 per individual bracelet. Also factor in the shipping because between the actual postage and then the tracking for first class, it’s gonna wind up around five dollars for the whole shebang. And that assumes one shipment per listing and that someone doesn’t combine a few together. I actually think I’m being more than fair. You can think whatever the fuck you want. Not relevant.

I mainly set it up because I wanted to stop worrying about whether I would have been able to sell anything. At least now if no one bites, I’ll know. But if they do, I would have felt awful never finding that out. Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

Missed the 60th anniversary. Gender bullshit has ruined most of what my girl and I loved together. This is just the latest thing. I’ve actually met David Tennant and I wish I’d punched him in his gendergoon face. I’d have broken my hand as I can’t hit for shit and likely been knocked flat for my trouble ’cause he’s a Paisley boy, but. Worth it. The absolute fucking betrayal. And that reminds me, speaking of selling shit: I need to ditch the last of my Doctor Who stuff. Someone will go for it if I price it cheaply enough. I just want it gone. Enjoy, ya lunatics.

If you’ve ever seen the newer Doctor Who you know why I went off on that tangent. Anyway. Store’s open, stuff’s there, now I have every excuse in the world to add more. So I need to keep doing that. This shit with Job Site is a stopgap and only contemplated because I need to pay rent. It’s not what I want to do with my life. Art and words, y’all. Art and words. That’s where my head is. That’s where I want to go. We’ll see.

People are still trying to get a hold of me about Dead Guy Money (someday… possibly he is still alive now). You know, he could have saved himself this bother by not driving me off. Bit late now. Send it to Doug.

Don’t think that it doesn’t bother me that I isolated myself like this. But honestly. How many more times do I have to want to bang my head against the wall because someone’s being fucking thick about basically nothing? No matter what I do, some shithead’s got a problem with it. Does not matter what it is. Could be entirely harmless/good, someone’s going to talk shit. I’m so fucking done. Take the shit-talking elsewhere. I mean, keep it up if that’s your fucking identity or something but it’s not like you ever pay attention to anything I’ve got to say, so… I would say “explain to me why I should listen to you” but, unfortunately for you, I’m done listening to you. Moving on now.

It’s late at night and someone is making noise in the parking area outside. This has happened before or I might worry more. I’m glad she extended me to January but I’ll be glad to let this place see my back end exiting when I move out. A little sad, too. I like the location and I like the place. There are a few things I would change if I could. Nothing catastrophic. I am just tired of people being fucking weirdoes and then expecting better from me. And tired of people being fucking weirdoes in general. I know it’ll never end. I don’t have to constantly put myself in its path, though.

Knees are feeling better. Not done hurting but like I said before, just surface pain. And what I thought was a cold coming on several days ago, I have no idea what that was. My guess is late allergies. Possibly fungal. The weather was certainly conducive. Fine by me.