19 January 1999

Well, in the last few days I’ve gone over to Marc’s apartment once for a visit. Marc called and invited me over, so I took Sean with me. Wife was at work. I got to meet the little fella (Logan) and spent some time looking through Marc’s wedding photos and catching up, then watching Marc play video games.

It wasn’t as boring as it sounds. Barry also showed up with his brother Charlie. Ah, yes. Charlie of the Tales of Charlie his older brother used to regale us with in art class. Personality-wise they are night and day. Barry is friendly enough but kind of stoic and introverted, while Charlie’s the charmer. He also, according to Barry, spent time in either a mental hospital or in juvie, or possibly both. He also used to hang out with Doug, for whatever that’s worth. I know some characters, apparently.

Marc seems as gloomy as ever. I wonder if it’s a happy marriage. I wonder if I should even be wondering.

When I left, Sean was asleep. Barry carried him out to the car for me.