15 September 2023

It is taking everything I have to not announce it on social media, but today while I was out and about delivering food to people who don’t tip enough, I got an email from the hospital system where I applied to be a janitor (sorry: “environmental services associate”). Took one look at the subject line and thought, “Nah, they’ll tell me they filled all the positions or I am not a good fit.” Well, guess what. They want to call me next week. So I’ve sent them my phone number and availability.

I’m a little confused, in retrospect, about how they didn’t have my phone number when I’m pretty sure it’s on the résumé I uploaded buttttt… whatever. Them fucking off with details could be a bad thing or it could be a good thing. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I put in a good day on the delivering. Fridays are always a little weird because you would expect people to order a lot, and you can get some good orders in if you are lucky enough to catch pizza or sushi requests, but it’s kind of a toss-up. But I kept going for long enough I should have pulled in about $80ish for the day when the tips catch up. Meanwhile having to deal with app glitches. If this job does happen it’ll be not a moment too soon. I want to be able to quit doing this and I want a new phone. (Uber Eats isn’t the only app it’s been chewing up and spitting out sideways. Grumble.)

Well, I might want to quit this. We’ll see if I can manage to keep doing it on Saturdays at least. It doesn’t take long to rack up 100 “pro” points and that’s all I need to keep being eligible for free tuition. Of course then I’d have to deliver that one day a week, work forty hours at my regular job, and also study? Eh… I dunno. Maybe not such a great idea.

Anyway. It’s a Merge Dragons! special game weekend again and all I ever do is repeat myself and I’m sure it’s boring. Lemme go do that and eat some more pizza. Let this feel like an actual Friday for once.